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The EcoSpot Adjustable Mortar Board

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The EcoSpot Adjustable Mortar Board


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Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd • Port Talbot Brickwork Ltd • Vinci Construction • Lesterose Builders

Ecospot is currently being used at:

Vinci Construction. Click on image to go to Port Talbot Brickwork Ltd. Click on image to go to Swift Brickwork Contractors Ltd. Click on image to go to the MSK and Lesterose group of companies.

Health & Safety

Musculoskeleta l injuries are too often seen as inevitable in construction, despite the fact that simple solutions are staring us in the face. EcoSpot makes a real contribution to reducing back injuries in construction, and like all the best health and safety innovations delivers increased productivity alongside reductions in injuries.

Andy Sneddon, Group Health, Safety &  Environment  Director : VINCI  CONSTRUCTION

dorsaVi & ViSafe

The EcoSpot board is a new adjustable spot board for mortar allowing the bricklayer to have mortar at waist height, or indeed different heights as they build a wall. Vinci Construction had been using the EcoSpot boards at one site in Swansea and decided to work together with dorsaVi to understand the actual impact of using this new way of working.  The ViSafe assessors recorded data from two bricklayers, alternatively using traditional spot boards and EcoSpot. The results speak for themselves:   


The Adjustable Mortar Board hire details.

The hire includes delivery and collection, from any UK mainland site.
(T & Cs apply)

No more wasted materials, excessive manual handling, removal of brick- stacks, blocks or plastic manholes.

Registered in 2014, The EcoSpot incorporates a 600mm diameter industrial plastic spot-board, placed on a fully adjustable metal clamp. It is  strong, easy to clean, assemble/dismantle and store.

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Comparative case study

Reducing back injuries and costs while improving productivity: What every Board wants to hear.

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ViSAFE Study data report

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