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The EcoSpot Adjustable Mortar Board



The EcoSpot Adjustable Mortar Board

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Ecospot is currently being used at:

The EcoSpot: adjustable mortar spot boards being used by bricklayers.

I have been working with the EcoSpot for the last 4 months and what a difference it has made to my lower back. A must for all bricklayers.

Dane Clancy
Brick layer for Vinci Construction

EcoSpot is great for building brickwork at any height, it is easy to adjust and the plastic top stops the mortar drying out. I would NEVER go back to the old ply spot boards.

Richard Cartledge
Brick layer at Vinci Construction

Very efficient and easy to clean, I was amazed to see the time you saved by not bending down to get mortar.
In a day my brick quantities have gone up without the painful back to go with it.

Ian Slocombe
Brick layer at Vinci Construction

What can I say, never seen anything like this before. Just brilliant!

Jordan Hunt
Brick layer at Vinci Construction

“Musculoskeletal injuries are too often seen as inevitable in construction, despite the fact that simple solutions are staring us in the face.

Ecospot makes a real contribution to reducing back injuries in construction, and like all the best health and safety innovations delivers increased productivity alongside reductions in injuries.”


Andy Sneddon, Group Health, Safety and Environment  Director of  VINCI CONSTRUCTION

 Zoe Whyatt, Head of dorsaVi Europe.

  Vinci set out to prove that the EcoSpot was as good as they thought it was by using dorsaVi wearable sensor technology to measure detailed movements of the spine and shoulders in real time on a real building site. 50% of the time the bricklayers used EcoSpot and 50% of the time they didn’t.  The results were crystal clear: 85% reduction in time spent in risky postures, 84% reduction in low back muscle strain, 70% reduction in repeated risky movements… and then when we calculated how fast the wall actually went up we found a 17% increase in speed! The walls were literally going up faster while the bricklayers backs were being kept safer.

I think this is what is known as a win – win!

Zoe Whyatt, Head of dorsaVi Europe.